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Chicago Heights – Crossroads of the Nation

4-22-14 and 4-28-2018

Chicago Heights and South Chicago Heights

Chicago Heights sign

South Chicago Heights sign

Both are explored here together as we jumped between the two several times while seeking out the points of interest.  Chicago Heights is a city of 30,000.  South Chicago Heights is a village of 4,139.

This is the intersection of historic Chicago Road and Lincoln Highway. On your left, you could just see the President Lincoln display on this corner.

Road to Greatness display

 St. James Hospital, where I was born in 1966.  The hospital is slated to close in 2018 and be torn down.

St. James Hospital

A statue outside of the hospital.

Across the street is a Veteran’s Memorial. I was a patient in the hospital on Nov. 11, 1979.  My room had a view of this memorial.  I was actually there on Veteran’s Day and I saw the ceremony from my window.

Chicago Heights Vet Memorial

On the other corner is the Alex Lopez Park with two interesting monuments.

Alex Lopez Park MonumentAlex Lopez Park monument detail


Ten Commandments Momument

Another monument in South Chicago Heights, marking the site of the home of one of the first settlers in the area, Adam Brown.

Adam Brown marker

Adam Smith marker

Our biggest attraction in South Chicago Heights is the Hi-Way Bakery, THE destination for great pastries and conversation since  1939.  My family got doughnuts from there on Sunday mornings during my childhood.  On April 3, 2004,  John Koester became the new owner.

They are located at:

2633 Chicago Rd, South Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 754-3255

In April 2016, their doughnuts were deemed Chicago’s Best. See video here!

  • Hours: Mon, 5am – 2pm; Tue-Sat, 5am – 4pm; Sun, 6am – 1pm

Hi-Way Bakery

The iconic sign is the original and is in need of repair.  With enough donations,  John hopes to get it restored to its former luster.  This is what it looked like in the past.

Interesting history about the sign,  the pastry chef is speculated to be the daughter of the original owner.  Back then having a woman on a sign portraying such a respected profession was just not done!  They did it though and the sign is a piece of important history in South Chicago Heights.

Hi-Way Bakery sign

Hi-Way Bakery Woman Chef on sign

Inside was warm and welcoming, likewise with the staff. It smelled so good in there!


Hi-Way Bakery inside

We bought a baker’s dozen of fine pastries to take with us.


It was just after Easter and they still had a few lamb cakes left. So cute!

Thanks for the great memories and treats John!

John Koester and us

Our tour continues with a stop at Gaby Iron and Metal, where we brought our recyclables. They are located at 2611 East End Ave. My girl scout troop brought in glass and bottles to raise money for our many activities.

Gaby Iron and Metals

2014 prices

In 1984 they had a neat keychain I still have.

Our last stop was the South Suburban Humane Society. My Girl Scout troop used to volunteer there, often walking the dogs.

South Suburban Humane Society

That concludes our visit to both of the Chicago Heights.  It was good to revisit places I have been, plus see new things as well.

South Chicago Heights Water Tower


New Glarus – Wisconsin’s Little Switzerland

11-6-10 and other visits

Wisconsin is a state diverse with many cultures, many from parts of Europe. New Glarus was settled by immigrants from Switzerland in 1845 from the canton of Glarus.  People have continued to immigrate here since then and kept the Swiss culture forefront in the city’s atmosphere.  It’s a great place to visit when a trip to Switzerland is not possible.

New Glarus sign

One of  the first views upon entering town is two flags and a sign.

New Glarus sign


And the great view looking up the  street.

New Glarus downtown


New Glarus  is also the trail head of the Sugar River Trail.

Sugar River Trail sign

It used to be a railroad track.  The Trail  goes all the way to Brodhead. The restored depot is now a gathering center for visitors and residents alike.

New Glarus Depot


New Glarus also is known for the beautiful “Cows on Parade”.  Beautiful painted cows are all over town in front of businesses.

New Glarus Hotel Chef cow


This cow is in front of the New Glarus Hotel Restaurant, a huge Chalet-style building like many downtown. We enjoyed a great lunch there once.

New Glarus Hotel



Across from the New Glarus Hotel is The Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate Haus will make your mouth water upon entering.

Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate Haus


A bit further up the street is the famous New Glarus Bakery. Their Stollen pastry is in big demand.

New Glarus Bakery



At the end of the street is the beautiful Swiss United Church of Christ. In front is a statue dedicated to the early settlers of New Glarus.

Swiss United Church of Christ and statue


What was formerly Robert’s European Imports and Gifts, is now Esther’s European Imports. Among their wares are Swiss Army knives and much more.

Esther's European Imports


The New Glarus Primrose Winery is also a great place for wine and gifts. Most made from Wisconsin grapes.

New Glarus Primrose Winery


Open during the summer is the Swiss Historical Village.

Swiss Historical Village sign


Swiss Historical Village building


For a great visit to the Old World without needing a passport, come to New Glarus!



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