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LUMINOUS at Allen Centennial Gardens



Photo by Allen Centennial Gardens

Allen Gardens Sign in winter

Winter in Wisconsin is not the time you would think of to visit a garden, but Allen Centennial Gardens thought differently! It was time to light things up and celebrate!  Last year we went to two events at other gardens doing the same thing.  In September 2015 we went to Olbrich Botanical Garden‘s GLEAM, and in December went to Janesville’s Rotary Garden Holiday Light Show, both beautiful and a lot of fun!  This garden had to get in on the act too!

It was warm for February, about 45 degrees with the strong winds finally dying down. The event opened at 6:30 and it was crowded!  They had to let in people a few at a time to prevent gridlock.

Allen Gardens House at Luminious

There were also three fire pits on the lawn where people gathered to warm up or roast marshmallows for S’mores. Hot cocoa was also available. It was now our turn to go in, join us as we walk through a winter garden at night. The moon joined in the fun too!

House and Moon at Luminious

This was the gardens first LUMINOUS event, we hope there will be more in the future!

Allen House 6 seconds at Luminous


Allen Centennial Gardens in Madison


Allen Centennial Gardens Collage


Allen Centennial Gardens entry sign



Allen Centennial Gardens is another public garden in Madison that we don’t get to often enough. It is a “classroom” on the UW Campus for students and volunteers.  Al went there in the spring during the UW Family Gardening Day this year. In mid-summer, I finally got here! All the flowers were in full bloom and very beautiful. The Victorian house was built around 1890. They change their “theme” in the garden each year. In 2014 the theme was “25th Anniversary Celebration” and dancers decorated the garden.

Dancer art at Allen Centennial Gardens


2014 Garden Theme


The first garden near the house, Sally’s Garden, named after generous benefactor Sally Bilder.

Sally's GardenBehind the house is the Ornamental Shade Garden and the Wisconsin Woodland Garden. There is a commemorative plaque on a rock in that garden.

Woodland Garden plaque Allen Gardens

Wisconsin Woodland Garden Allen Gardens

 Views out in the main part of the gardens.

Paths at Allen Gardens

 The gazebo and red bridge as seen from the round Lawn garden.

Gazebo and bridge at Allen Gardens

A closer view.

Gazebo and pond Allen Gardens

Even a sundial, it was actually noon at the time but it would be correct in Standard time, not Daylight Savings time.

Sundial at Allen Gardens

Birds find plenty of places to take a bath here.

Birds bathing at Allen Gardens

Czech Crevice Garden

Czech Crevice Garden

The French Garden

Fren Garden at Allen Gardens

Some shade for a hot summer day.

Arbor Terrace at Allen Gardens

English Garden

English Garden at Allen Gardens


I had a great visit here and plan on coming back more often.  It is open year-round to visitors.

UW Family Gardening Day at Allen Centennial Gardens

Al only, I was not there.  He took all the pictures except 3. Those are from my archives.


Allan Centennial Gardens building

2003 – Laurie Kutil

Today Al had a chance to go to their UW Family Gardening Day to learn more about gardening.  We have a small garden and are trying to keep learning more about how to have a fruitful one.  It was a beautiful day in the spring! A long time ago, the late Shelly Ryan spent some time at Allen Centennial while she earned her Master Gardener certificate.

Allen Centennial Gardens pond

2003 – Laurie Kutil

It was a great event for kids and adults alike.

Tray of plants

Kids potting a plant

Under the trellis

 Another part of the event took place at the D.C. Smith Greenhouse.

DC Smith Greenhouse

2008 – Laurie Kutil

SC Smith Greenhouse inside

Al also went to Steenbock Library where parts of the event took place.

Al and Master Gardener


Al had a great day, I hope to get to the gardens soon to see for myself.