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Palmyra – The Heartbeat of the Kettle Moraine


Palmyra sign

 Palmyra is a village of 1,800 at the southern edge of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, founded in 1842. There is also a Town of Palmyra with 1,200 residents.  They have an airport in the town for you pilots to fly-in.  They would love for you to visit for their annual Fathers Day breakfast.

Town of Palmyra Airport

Palmyra Airport

Palmyra was named after a city in the Syrian Desert because of the large amount of sand that was found in the area. In fact, they do have a beautiful sandy beach on the shore of Lower Spring Lake. Also a Lion’s Club shelter that sells concessions in the summer.

Beach at Palmyra

 What made Palmyra THE destination to go to in the late 19th-early 20th century was the discovery of a natural spring by Colonel Davidson who called it Zenobia. A Sanitarium was built and people came to get relief from their ailments with “Water Cures” with water from the spring. The sanitarium is long gone, but people can still visit the site that made Palmyra famous in a beautiful park setting.  In this way, Palmyra has this feature in common with Beaver Dam. They also offered “Water Cures” in what is now called Swan Park.

Deep Rock Spring in Palmyra

We head downtown to their main street (County Road H) and see what is there.

Downtown Palmyra

Back behind us from here are the railroad tracks, and an old Purina Mill from long ago. No longer in use but now a beautiful backdrop in a quiet town.

Purina Mill in Palmyra

 Downtown is the Carlin House – Turner Museum, not open the day we went.

Carlin House-Turner Museum in Palmyra


Two historic homes.

Historic Palmyra homes

We enjoyed stopping in the Powers Memorial Library, built in 1927.  Read about the history of the library here.

Powers Memorial Library in PalmyraDavid J. Powers Picture and plaque

We also saw the Boy Scout Cabin near the Village Hall. It was built in 1937 from local materials. Portage has one of these cabins also.

Boy Scout Cabin in Palmyra

 More of the businesses downtown. Wings -N-Things for animal food and supplies and the Hot Rod Bar and Grill. Al had a chat with the owner and he told us the Main Street Family Restaurant was a favorite of the locals. We had lunch there and we agreed with that. Great food and friendly staff! Here are the hours. We highly recommend this place and we will be back when we return to this area.

Hot Rod Bar and Grill and Wings and Things in Paymyra


Main Street Family Restaurant in Palmyra


Main St. Family Restaurant hours in Paymyra

If you need a few groceries while you are in town, Jim and Judy’s Foods are happy to serve you!

Jom and Judy's Foods in Paymyra


Relax at Palmyra Bowling and strike a few frames.

Palmyra Bowling


Taft Square in Palmyra Also Taft Square for a variety of stores. These are just a few of the many businesses in downtown Palmyra. Palmyra is also an attraction for horse aficionados, many riding trails nearby in the Kettle Moraine. We saw some on a farm on the outskirts of town.

Palmyra horses


Enjoy a day in Palmyra, you will feel welcome here!

Paymyra Watertower and Banner

Illinois Potpourri

Illinois Trip – Interesting Sights

4-21, 22, 23 – 2014

The destinations on our trip were interesting. Sometimes though, something caught our eye ON THE WAY to each place.  As we got near Chicago, I got a great view of O’Hare Airport from the car window. O'Hare Airport The towns are so close together that usually the best way you know you are passing through another town is the water tower. Here are just a few of them.

Illinois Water tower Collage

Waiting at a stoplight was a car repair shop, with 1/2 a car attached to the wall of the building. :/


The community of Fox Lake was of enough interest to stop for at least 1/2 hour.  They have a Dog and Suds drive-thru, I have been to those in the past near Park Forest.  Near there was also the Fox Lake-Grant Township Area Historical Society and the volunteer fire department.

Dog and Suds Fox Lake Illinois

Fox Lake Historic Society

Fox Lake Fire Memorial

In Mattawa is the historic Adlai Stevenson house. Part of  I-55 is named after him in Chicago.


Near Park Forest in University Park, there was a large art display, too large to see the whole thing. It’s the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at Governor State University.

University Park sign

Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park

Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park 2

There is more to Illinois than meets the eye.