Your question: Where can I bungee jump in Georgia?

Is bungee jumping legal in Georgia?

Bungee Jumping will be restricted to permanent structures, constructed solely for the purpose of Bungee Jumping. BUNGEE JUMPINGFROM HOT AIR BALLOONS, BLIMPS, CRANES, OR OTHER MOBILEFACILITIES ARE PROHIBITED.

Does a bungee jump hurt?

injury to it can range from mild to severe. The force on this fragile part of your body that connects your brain to your spinal cord during the final stage of the jump can be enough to strain your neck muscles, and cause pain and a temporary decrease in range of motion.

Does bungee jumping make your stomach drop?

That “fall” tends to feels more like flying than dropping. Bungee jumping, however, definitely feels like a fall, and will give you that sinking-stomach feeling. It is over in a few short seconds, and then you sort of dangle/hang there until you are lowered down to the ground.

How much do you have to weigh to go bungee jumping?

Bungee America has a maximum 265 lb weight limit. Over 265 lbs permitted by special arrangement. Contact Bungee America for details. Bungee America has an 90 lb minimum weight limit.

Is bungee jumping illegal in US?

Many states in the United States have banned bungee jumping due to various accidents and deaths. Even in states where it is legal, it is still recommended that jumpers go with a recognized company for their own safety.

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Can a bungee cord break?

Even with normal use, bungee cords will eventually stretch permanently, fray, or break as exposure to sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures can accelerate a cord’s deterioration.

Is bungee jumping bad for your body?

Bungee jumping is, however, undeniably responsible for a range of serious medical complaints, including musculoskeletal pain in the neck and back, headaches, dizziness and blurred vision1.

Can your eyes fall out when you bungee jump?

A: Here at Bungy Australia no jumper will touch the water, we do this as we feel it’s safer. It has been heard that many people can suffer from black eyes due to the impact of the water. Bungy Australia has developed our own ankle harness which cannot come undone or become loose while you’re jumping.