Your question: How many people visited the Blue Mountains?

How many people have visited the Blue Mountains?

Blue Mountains is Regional NSW’s number 7 region for domestic day trip visitors and number 6 for expenditure. There were 3.0 million domestic day trip visitors to the Blue Mountains (up 3.9% on the previous year) who spent $326 million (up 33.6%).

How much money does the Blue Mountains make?

Home to 79,195 people, Blue Mountains supports 19,513 jobs and has an annual economic output of $5.494 billion.

How much money does the three sisters make a year?

Tourism generates over $300million per year for the region, with much of the success linked to the majestic World Heritage Area listed landscape and creative industries offering arts and cultural experiences.

What is the spiritual value of the Blue Mountains?

For countless generations, Aboriginal peoples have shared the Blue Mountains land as their seasonal home, hunting ground, and ceremonial place, The spirit of the land speaks through the Ancestors, the water and trees, birds and animals, with memories passed on from one generation to the next.

How many people visit the three sisters every year?

More than 2 million visitors per annum are estimated to converge on Echo Point (Three Sisters), with the next popular attraction being Scenic World with 850,000 visitors (Scenic World statistics). An estimated 1.25 million visitors per annum (Tourism Research Australia statistics) physically undertake a bushwalk.

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Is Blue Mountain worth visiting?

Scenic World remains open, including all the rides and walking paths, and continues to offer visitors extraordinary experiences in the Blue Mountains. Offering you the chance to explore the spectacular forest, the walking paths and lookout points around the area are still well worth the journey from Sydney.

How cold does it get in the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains climate is cooler than the climate in the lower parts of Sydney. The temperature levels vary across seasons. The average temperature during winter is about 5 C while the temperature during summer is about 18 C. The winter months are June to August while summer months are from December to February.