Your question: Can you white water raft in the rain?

Can you whitewater raft in lightning?

If you’re out on the river, and a lightning storm rolls in, are you any safer in the water in a rubber raft or on the ground? Consensus here was that as long as you’re in the rubber raft, being insulated from ground, you should be OK.

Is it safe to be in a river during a thunderstorm?

Should you get off the water? Yes, because on a river you and your fellow boaters are the tallest targets across that flat surface. It’s much safer to be in a low-lying area like a gulch or depression in the ground. Stay away from tall trees that provide shelter from the rain.

Is white water rafting scary?

Whitewater rafting can be scary to some. Frightening, daunting, or terrifying even. … But after so many whitewater rafting trips, the fear quickly turns into thrill and excitement.

What is splash gear for rafting?

Paddle jacket, splash jacket, splash top they go by many names and are used interchangeably for the same product, but they all share a similar purpose: keep you drier and warmer. Typically these are light weight 1 or 2 layer jackets designed to prevent water from soaking your upper body.

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