Your question: Are snowmobiles allowed on Lake Monona?

Is it safe to swim in Lake Monona?

Swimming is not advisable after a heavy rainfall because bacteria levels in the water may be high. Avoid contact with blue-green algae blooms which appear blue-green, green, reddish-purple, or brown, and cause the water to be murky.

Are there snakes in Lake Monona?

Monona resident Terry Doyle found the South American snake while fishing off the railroad crossing in Lake Monona Wednesday. In springtime, Terry Doyle regularly bikes around Lake Monona searching for open water to cast a line. … “What else would you call a snake?” he joked.

Is it safe to swim in a lake with algae?

In general, people should: Avoid swimming, wading, or playing in lake water that appears covered with scum or blue-green algae or recently had blue-green algae. Avoid drinking or swallowing recreational water from lakes, streams, and other surface waters.

Can you go swimming in lake Mendota?

Description. Park has two shelter facilities, unsupervised swimming area with an accessible swimming ramp, play equipment and shallow launch for small boats and canoes.

Is it safe to walk on Lake Mendota?

Lake Mendota has officially frozen over, state climate experts say. Lake Mendota is now completely frozen, but Madisonians should be careful because it may still be too thin to walk on.

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Are Madison lakes frozen?

After nearly three months of ice, Madison’s lakes are now mostly open water. As of Monday, ice covered less than half of Lake Monona, said assistant state climatologist Ed Hopkins, who has tracked the annual freeze dates for more than 15 years.

Is Monona Bay frozen?

Main bay completely ice-free. … Both triangles still had a thin sheet of ice over much of the water.