You asked: When did they start putting reverse on snowmobile?

When did Polaris come out with PERC reverse?

Around 1998 Ski-Doo released a new feature called RER (Rotax Electronic Reverse) and Polaris followed a few years later with PERC (Polaris Electronic Reverse Control). Electronic Reverse the engine rotation in conjunction with the computer that controls your snowmobile ignition system.

Do you need reverse on snowmobile?

Registered. Without a doubt – the most necessary feature you can get! You won’t ever know how nice it is until you ride a sled with reverse. Then, once you do – you’ll never want to ride one without it!

Can I add reverse to my snowmobile?

A snowmobile reverse kit is an aftermarket accessory that allows you to add the reverse function to a sled. … They can also be beneficial for freeing a sled stuck in the snow. It is cost-effective as otherwise the riders would have to spend money on a new snowmobile, which can be quite expensive.

How do you put a Polaris snowmobile in reverse?

Engaging Reverse

  1. Stop the snowmobile and leave the engine idling.
  2. Make sure the area behind your vehicle is clear.
  3. Push the yellow reverse button on the left-hand control for one second, then release. The engine will automatically reduce RPM and start a reverse rotation.
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Do all new Polaris snowmobiles have reverse?

Whether your snowmobile can go in reverse depends on the age of the vehicle. If yours is older, then it likely can’t reverse right out of the gate. However, you can modify the snowmobile to move backward. New snowmobiles have a reversing function built-in.

How do you unload a snowmobile without reverse?

If your snowmobile can’t reverse but you need to get it off a trailer, your best options are to use a ramp, manually lift the sled, try a tilt trailer, or remove the belt to set the snowmobile into neutral.

Does the Mxz have reverse?

With advanced suspension innovations and dynamic 2-stroke Rotax power, every MXZ delivers the perfect blend of exhilarating performance and superior ride quality.


Frame REV® Gen4
Riser block height Adjustable-120 mm / 4.7 in.
Starter Electric Starter
Reverse RER™

How does Polaris PERC work?

PERC is Polaris electronic reverse. It stops the engine and restarts it in reverse direction. Its usually a great reverse system and adds very little weight.

How much does it cost to put reverse in a snowmobile?

NEW Mechanical reverse kits are no where near that price. Around $300-400 or so on average.

How do you reverse a sled?

Banned. Pretty sure, even with it being a 2005 …. you just need to press the PERC button (yellow button) while the sled is at idle and it will do its thing. Press it in and release – don’t hold it. After you back up, press the button again and the engine will reverse itself back to normal.

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What is a helix on a snowmobile?

The helix is the mechanical device that actually separates the sheaves of the secondary via rub blocks or rollers. The helix angle basically determines how quickly the secondary opens and closes. A straight cut helix (let’s say 36 degrees) opens and closes the sheaves at a constant rate.