You asked: What should I do with my old skateboard wheels?

What can you do with old skateboard wheels?

With their new Re-Life wheel recycling program shops, skaters, or anyone with old urethane wheels can send em’ in and Satori will shave them down and build new wheels around the old cores. The new wheels contain almost 70% recycled urethane which means 70% less non-biodegradable wheels polluting landfills.

Can I recycle skateboard wheels?

That means rotating your wheels regularly so they don’t die prematurely as the result of uneven wheel wear. The better news for skaters is that stainless steel bearings, the kind found in most skates, can be recycled. … No one has come up with an effective way to recycle them. So you’ll have to throw them in the trash.

Are old skateboards worth anything?

They’re worthless as a collectible. Even in nearly perfect shape. With a billion of them out there, even a hundredth of a percent that are still nearly perfect are common. But there’s more to collectible value than just how rare they are.

Is skateboarding eco friendly?

As one of the top alternative methods of transportation, the actual act of skating itself is sustainable. My friends use skateboards to get to class or to work and contribute fewer carbon emissions than their classmates who drive. … The manufacturing of skateboards itself uses unsustainable materials.

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Are bearings recyclable?

A vast majority of bearings have steel as their major component which is very much recyclable. You should be able to add them to your regular pick up. Being mostly steel (ie. Ferrous) they should get picked up in the magnetic sorting part of most processes.

Do skateboard wheels go bad?

Your board wheels start shaping after the way you take a turn, after a while, they get cone-shaped. It’s pretty common they wear down unevenly as you probably favor one side more than the other. You can swap your wheels around about every 2 or 3 months, depending on how often you ride your skateboard.

What is the rarest skateboard?

The rarest skateboard is the Blowin’ in the Wind board.

How much can I sell my skateboard?

Check with your pawnshop to see if your brand is worth more or less than some of their common skateboards. These brands can sell anywhere from $10 to $300 at a pawn shop. Some times in a rare case, they can even sell for more than that.

What’s the best size of skateboard?

For all-around skating, a width between 8.0″ and 8.38″ should work out for you. Almost all skate deck brands will have many options in this size range. NOTE TO BEGINNERS: If you are completely new to skateboarding and are unsure what style of riding you may be attracted to, go with a deck size between 7.75″ and 8.38″.