You asked: What is the difference between first strike paintballs and regular paintballs?

How accurate are first strike paintballs?

Now, the First Strike rounds utilizes a combination of an aerodynamic shape and fins stabilizing technology that maintains the velocity over a longer distance than a traditional paintball. The consistent results typically achieve twice the distance and 25 percent more accuracy compared to traditional paintballs.

Do all paintball guns use the same paintballs?

The size of paintballs you use is going to depend on your paintball gun (also called a marker). If you have not purchased a paintball gun yet, buy a gun that best suits your needs (more on this below). If you already own a paintball gun, you need to use the caliber for that gun.

Is there a difference between paintballs?

More expensive paintballs offer better performance including straighter flight for improved accuracy and more brittle shells increasing the chance of a break on-target, while fills are generally much brighter and produce a more visible mark, or splat, on-target. …

What Guns Shoot First Strike rounds?

First Strike Rounds are compatible with most magazine fed paintball guns like the Dye Dam, Planet Eclipse MF100, the Tippman TiPX and TCR, and of course the range of paintball guns produced by First Strike. Shop our full selection of First Strike Paintball and . 68 Caliber paintballs online.

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How far can a first strike shoot?

First Strike boasts that you can get twice the distance and up to 25 times the accuracy compared to paintballs. The maximum effective range of First Strike Rounds is about 150 yards, or 450 feet, before the rounds decelerate to the point that they bounce off the target.

How far can a First Strike Paintball go?

First Strike rounds should not be used with a Flatline or Apex barrels. The effective range of these may be as far as 200 feet and the absolute range may reach 200 yards.

Can paintball guns shoot rubber balls?

Paintball is a fun game but you will reach a point when you will have to buy more paintballs. You can always use alternatives like rubber balls, water balls, and pepper balls since they are safe to use. Other than those, there aren’t any other alternative for paintballs.

How much is a box of paintballs?

Paintballs generally range from $15 – $30 per 500 round bag, and $50-75 per 2000 round case. Some of the things that affect paintball price are as follows: Shell quality: paintballs need to be round to fly straight. A more expensive paintball has greater perfection and consistency.

What paintballs do pros use?

The Guns of Pro Paintball!

  • Eclipse CS2 Pro. By far one of the most widespread and successful paintball guns used in the ranks of pro paintball in recent memory is the Eclipse CS2 Pro. …
  • Eclipse LV1. …
  • Dye M3+ …
  • Field One Force. …
  • Luxe X.

Why are paintball guns so expensive?

This allows the marker to be less violent, use lower-pressure air (which is why the mid-high end markers have at least one regulator and often two regulators), and very tune-able. So, when people are talking about efficiency, shot quality, etc, this is basically why. This is also why they are more expensive.

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