You asked: What does earthquakes volcanoes and mountains have in common?

What is the relationship of volcanoes earthquake and mountain ranges?

Answer. when the earthquake occurs the epicenter of the earthquake will develop mountain ranges Mountains Or the soil may go down the and become magma ; The magma melts and become a Lava which has been erupted by the volcano when the magma melts and the Volcano will erupt when the earth reaches its maximum temperature.

What do earthquakes volcanoes and the formation of mountain ranges have in common quizlet?

What do earthquakes, volcanoes, and the formation of mountain ranges have in common? They are all the result of continental drift and are common near the boundaries of the crustal plates.

What is worse a volcano or an earthquake?

Volcanoes are usually less dangerous than other natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.

What is difference between earthquake and volcano?

Earthquakes are not a geological structure like volcanoes and they do not release magma. They are violent movements of the Earth’s crust. However, unlike volcanoes, earthquakes are common to all types of plate boundary. Earthquakes occur as a result of friction and build up of pressure between plates.

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What do earthquakes volcanoes in the formation of mountain ranges have in common?

What do volcanoes, mountains, and earthquakes have in common? What volcanoes, mountains, and earthquakes all have in common are they are all made or occur because of tectonic plates. You can determine rock sample formation by how smooth or how rough it is.

When the Earth first solidified What were conditions like?

When the Earth first solidified, what were conditions like? The atmosphere was rich in gases released in volcanic eruptions; volcanic activity, lightning, and ultraviolet radiation were all much more intense than on today’s earth.

How are hot spots evidence of plate tectonics quizlet?

Hot spots show plate motion. As a plate moves over a hot spot, volcanoes that formed on the surface become extinct and increases in age as the distance from the hot spot increases.