You asked: Is it bad to skateboard after it rains?

Can you skateboard on wet road?

Wet roads can be combated by: – Using a board you don’t mind ruining – Setting up your board with ceramic bearings, wheels with gutter cuts, and a poly-sealed deck.

Is it bad to skate on wet concrete?

Wet concrete can be extremely slippery. Paths may sometimes be less oily than the road in the wet. And though wet asphalt might be a good place to learn how to powerslide, it’s advisable to be aware of the dangers of different surfaces before skating across them. Cobblestones: dangerous.

What do skaters do on rainy days?

Museums, hiking, movies, bars, arcades, climbing gyms, indoor/covered skate parks, shopping; whatever tickles your fancy, rainy days may be the time to do it.

Can you skateboard uphill?

Skating uphill is always a tricky proposition. … When you are skating uphill you want to point your toes out to form a “V” and keep your momentum going forward and take quick, short strides. When going downhill do not just go flying down with reckless abandon, if you do so you may cause harm to yourself or others.

Can you roller skate pregnant?

No. Ice skating, in-line skating, horseback riding, gymnastics, downhill skiing, soccer, football, and similar sports can increase your chance of falling and should be avoided when you’re pregnant.

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Can you roller skate on dirt?

Inline skates generally allow outdoor skaters to go faster with less effort. Inline skates are great for outdoor use especially if you are skating on pavement, asphalt, sidewalks, rough roads, or even dirt/trails.

How cold is too cold to skateboard?

45 is my limit. When it gets cold enough that kingpins get brittle and snap easily, that’s when I decide to stay home.

Is the cold bad for skateboards?

Wherever you store your skateboard, make sure that it remains dry and relatively warm. Very cold temperatures, very hot temperatures, and humid or wet storage areas can actually damage your skateboard more than you might realize. … Extreme changes between cold and hot storage locations can damage your skateboard quickly.

Can you skate when its sprinkling?

Skateboarding in the rain is definitely not a good idea. The wood of the deck will want to soak up water and warp, and the bearings won’t like being wet. So basically, no you shouldn’t skate in the rain.