You asked: How do you use rockets in Mad Skills Motocross 2?

How do you get aces in Mad Skills Motocross 2?

The first time you play a track you’ll be paired against the standard opponent. Once you beat the standard opponent, you can replay the track to beat the Ace opponent. If you happen to beat the Ace opponent’s time on your first try, you will not need to play the track a second time to unlock the Ace time.

How Do You Beat Hollow in 38 seconds?

What does it mean to beat Some Hollow in under 38 seconds using rockets?

  1. Tap Career from the main menu.
  2. Tap Time Attack.
  3. Tap on the Expert Career pack.
  4. Tap on Some Hollow.
  5. Complete the race in under 38 seconds and use at least 1 rocket.

How do you get to Division 1 in Mad Skills MX?

To reach Division 1 you have to finish in the top 10% of riders based on your overall Jam score at the end of a Jam round. The first time you ever race in Jam, you start in Division 11, which is a qualifying division.

What are mad skills?

Mad Skills represent all of the skills you have developed thanks to your personal hobbies or the practice of your passions. It will not only allow the recruiter to know you better, but also to show them other skills that have nothing to do with your studies but that can still be useful.

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How do you get the Red Bull helmet in Mad Skills Motocross 2?

New tracks are introduced weekly, and the more you race Jam and the better you become, the higher you climb in Division rank, until you reach Division 1 and unlock the Red Bull helmet.