You asked: How can I make my longboard less wobbly?

Is my longboard supposed to be wobbly?

A wobbly skateboard isn’t a bad thing, some actually like to ride their trucks super loose. Beginners will have a harder time learning to ride a skateboard with loose trucks. After all, a more stable board will help you keep your balance. Just be sure to break bushings in and don’t tighten them until you squish them.

How loose should my longboard wheels be?

Your wheels should be as tight as possible to the axle. This can be accomplished by purchasing bearing spacers unless you have them. After having them you should tighten the nut as hard as possible while your wheel having mobility to spin freely. Tighten those suckers down, but only if you have spacers.

Is it better to have tight or loose trucks?

The main consideration when adjusting your trucks has to do with speed. The faster you intend on riding, the tighter your trucks should be. Tight trucks provide stability at higher speeds, reducing the likelihood of catching the dreaded speed wobbles.

Can a longboard turn?

Longboards, the lengthy relative of skateboards, are built to provide a comfortable ride while cruising longer distances. … These longboards are the easiest to perform tight turns on, and the best to use when learning how to do so. After perfecting tight turns on this board, move up to a longer board.

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Can longboards do sharp turns?

Carving on a longboard really mimics ocean surfing, it’s both technical and somewhat artistic, bringing a great feeling of pleasure, motion, and freedom. Carving is about curves and speed. Carving is also used in downhill speed boarding to control speed by making sharp turns, which help slow you down.

How can I make my skateboard more stable?

The easiest option to make your TKP more stable (ie, make your skateboard stable), is to simply tighten down the kingpin nut. Doing this makes the bushings deform and bunch up, and it makes your truck feel more stable.