You asked: Do people white water raft in the winter?

Can you do white water rafting in winter?

Cotton is hereby off-limits for winter rafting. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet, which will only make you colder. The key is to keep yourself warm with layers and synthetic fabrics which will keep your core temperature up.

Can you raft in the winter?

The short answer is a resounding Yes – we can and do raft daily in winter. So while the days are cooler, there are some key reasons why white water rafting is still going to be awesome.

What is too cold for white water rafting?

Temperatures can be 30 degrees and above in the early rafting season and get up to 55 degrees in the late rafting season.

How do you stay warm in river tubing?

When getting doused in spring runoff, you’ll want to keep warm and stay warm down to your core. This means skipping the cotton, including cotton blends. Yep, even the cotton undies. Instead, opt for underwear or a swimsuit made of synthetic material.

How do I keep my feet warm when rafting?

Better yet, wear a fleece or polypro skullcap to keep the heat in. A wool hat will do too, if you can stand being a bit itchy. Just make sure not to wear a cotton baseball cap. When wet, cotton is the devil’s fabric.

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Can I go white water rafting on my period?

I’m having my period, can i participate? Sure, no problem. We recommend you bring a tampon instead of a sanitary napkin as you will probably get wet during the tour.