You asked: Can you kayak to Morris Island?

Can you kayak to Morris Island Lighthouse?

A group of kayakers paddles along the Folly River on the way to Morris Island. Visitors to Folly Beach can get a pretty good look at the historic Morris Island Lighthouse from the northeastern end of the barrier island.

Can you go into the Morris Island Lighthouse?

Getting There

The Morris Island Lighthouse is located just two hours from Bluffton near Charleston and Folly Island. The lighthouse itself is now 100 yards off Morris Island and over a half a mile offshore from Folly Island and beach across Lighthouse Inlet. You can walk to the lighthouse.

Where can I kayak in Folly Beach?

3 of the Best Places to Get Folly Beach Kayak Rentals

  1. Folly Beach Adventures. Directions to Folly Beach Adventures. Folly Beach Adventures has it all! …
  2. Flipper Finders Boat & Sea Kayak Tours. Directions to Flipper Finders Boat & Sea Kayak Tours. …
  3. Charleston Outdoor Adventures. Directions to Charleston Outdoor Adventures.

What is open at Edisto Beach?

Edisto Beach State Park is open with restrictions. Botany Bay Beach is open. There is a section of the beach that is closed for nesting shorebirds that is clearly marked by signs. NO DOGS are allowed.

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