Why is northern mountain important?

What are the uses of northern mountains?

The Northern Mountains are important due to the following reasons.

  • Climatic Influence: …
  • Source of Rivers: …
  • Fertile Soils: …
  • Hydroelectricity: …
  • Forest Wealth: …
  • Agriculture: …
  • Storehouse of Minerals: …
  • Tourism:

What are the advantages of northern mountain region?

The Himalayas are a great climatic barrier. They save our country from the cold and dry winds of Central Asia, It also prevents the rain-laden monsoon winds of Indian Ocean from crossing over to Northern countries and causes heavy rain-fall in the Northern India.

What is the importance of mountains and northern Great Plains?

The mountains are the major sources of water and forest wealth. The northern plains are the granaries of the country. They provide the base for early civilisations. The plateau is a storehouse of minerals, which has played a crucial role in the industrialisation of the country.

What are the characteristics of Northern mountains?

The Himalayan Mountains form the northern mountain region of India. They are the highest mountain ranges in the world. These mountain ranges start from Pamir Knot in the west and extend up to Purvanchal in the east. Prominent Features → Highest peaks, Deep valleys & Gorges, Glaciers etc.

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What is the other name of Northern mountain?

Name the mountain ranges that form the Northern mountains. Ans- The Himalayas,the Karakoram Mountains and the North eastern mountain ranges together form the Northern mountains . 2.Name the first woman to climb Mount Everest.

What are the relief features of northern mountains?

They include the Baltoro glacier, Godwin Austen glacier, and the northern parts of the Karakoram ranges and the Gilgit Balochistan region of the pak.

What is the climate of northern mountain?

It has a cold desert climate. It is a region of barren, arid, frigid and wind-blown wastelands. Areas south of the Himalayas are largely protected from cold winter winds coming from the interior of Asia.

How are northern mountains different from Southern Hills?

They are formed due to the folding of earth crusts therefore called young fold mountains. They were formed due to the break up of Gondwana land during pre cambrian time. The altitude of Himalayas are from 4500 to 8000m.

What are the importance of Northern plains?

Importance of Northern Plains :

The fertile soil and assured water resources have made these plains a rich agricultural land. These plains are the granaries of India. 3. The plains have a good network of roads and railways which has led to large scale industrialization of the region.

What is the difference between mountain and plains?

Plains are flatlands. … Plains can either be the result of no seismic activity between tectonic plates or a leveling of the land by glacial activity. Mountains are elevated lands with sharp variations in altitude. Mountains are usually formed by interactions between tectonic plates or volcanic activity.

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