Why can’t I slide my longboard?

Do you need special wheels to slide on a longboard?

Q: Do you need special wheels to slide on a longboard? Technically, you can slide with any longboard wheels — but certain types of wheels will make sliding easier and require less force. Downhill and freeriding wheels are great choices, along with any other wheels that feature a radiused lip and less ground contact.

How hard is it to power slide?

The powerslide is a tough move to learn, and until you get it right, learning can be pretty painful! … But once you’re ready, powerslides are easily the fastest and coolest way to stop. You can use powerslides on regular skateboards, longboards, when flying down hills, and in skateparks on transition.

Do you need slide gloves for longboarding?

Cruising downhill doesn’t always require sliding, but then it does, you are going to want to be wearing sliding gloves. Sharp turns, quick stops and advanced tricks all require the skillful use of your hands.

What wheels are best for power slides?

Diameter 50-60mm, Durometer 95-101a

These hard wheels are the best skateboard wheels for park and street skating because they are lightweight, roll fast on smooth surfaces, and slide easily. This makes it easier to do ollies, flip tricks, power slides, and other technical tricks.

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Why is my longboard so slow?

This is an easy one : if your axle nuts are too tight they can keep your wheels from spinning freely. That may be a reason why your longboard feels slow. Loosening the nuts a bit can allow your wheels to spin normally again. … Don’t make them too loose though, or they’ll eventually come off the axle.

How can I make my longboard more stable?

The easiest option to make your TKP more stable (ie, make your skateboard stable), is to simply tighten down the kingpin nut. Doing this makes the bushings deform and bunch up, and it makes your truck feel more stable.