Which of the following trees is found on mountains?

Which of the following tree is found on mountains?

Answer: Evergreen trees such as cedars, pines, and spruce trees are common to mountain regions. These trees like the cold climate, which is why many Christmas tree farms are located in mountain regions. Another evergreen shrub found in the mountains is the juniper plant.

What plants are found on mountains?

These include grasses, shrubs, alpine flowers, mosses, and lichens. Above the snow line, almost nothing grows. Only the toughest animals can live up there. In each of these zones, plants and animals have special abilities that help them survive.

What are the features of plants that grow on mountains?

Plants on mountains and hills are tall, straight and have slopping shape to make the snow fall off easily. They are usually flowerless and have cones with seeds inside them. The leaves are needle like with waxy coating. For example, fir, deodar, pine, cedar, small flowerless plants like ferns, lichens and mosses etc.

What is the most common tree in the Rocky mountains?

There are many native trees living across the state of Colorado; I am going to focus on three individual trees: the Rocky Mountain Bristlecone pine, which grows along arid, cold ridgelines as the oldest tree in the state; the Quaking Aspen, which is common in the Rockies and resilient due in part to an interconnected …

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What plants are found in the Rocky Mountains?

– 2700 m.), in moist montane areas. Rocky Mountain Maple is the most northern member of the maple family found in the Rockies.


Rocky Mountain Maple Wild Rose
Common Juniper Rocky Mountain Juniper
Kinnikinnick Creeping Oregon-Grape
Chokecherry Shrubby Cinquefoil

What animals and plants are found on mountains?

Coniferous trees like pines and spruces are typical examples of such mountain plants. At the foothills of mountains, where the temperature is moderate, vegetation such as temperate forest, scrubland, tundra is seen. Animals such as black bear, wolves, mountain goat, elk are examples of mountain habitat animals.