Which mountain are in the west of Pakistan?

What do you know about western mountains of Pakistan?

These mountains make the north western boundary of Pakistan. These extended west ward into Afghanistan. The average height of these mountains is 3600 meters. Tirich Mir is the highest peak in this mountain having a height of 7690 meters.

Who is the biggest river in Pakistan?

Tributaries are listed from the mouth to the source. The longest and the largest river in Pakistan is the Indus River. Around two-thirds of water supplied for irrigation and in homes come from the Indus and its associated rivers.

What is the importance of western mountains of Pakistan?

Melting snow and glacial meltwater from the mountains also feed the rivers, including the Indus, which emerge from the east-west-aligned ranges to flow southward. Western Mountains: are bare of vegetation, the climate does not support vegetation as it is dry and water availability is less.

What are the difference between northern and western mountains?

In the Northern Mountains the precipitation is mainly snow, and because of the severe climate there are mainly glaciers not rivers. … The Western Mountains include the Sulaiman Range, the Waziristan Hills, Koh-i-sufaid, the Mountains of Swat and Chital, and the Kirthar Hills. There are many springs and limestone ridges.

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