Where is volcanic mountain situated?

Where is lava mountain located?

The Lava Mountains are a mountain range in the Mojave Desert, in San Bernardino County, California.

Lava Mountains
Country United States
State California
District San Bernardino County
Range coordinates 35°26′13.862″N 117°31′11.206″WCoordinates: 35°26′13.862″N 117°31′11.206″W

How are volcanic mountains found?

Volcanic mountains form when molten rock from deep inside the Earth erupts through the crust and piles up on itself. The islands of Hawaii were formed by undersea volcanoes, and the islands seen above water today are the remaining volcano tops. Well-known volcanoes on land include Mount St.

How safe is it to live in the Ring of Fire?

Many people risk living on or near volcanoes because the soil is good for farming. Volcanoes are also popular tourist attractions, which can help build up the local economy. Earthquakes can cause serious structural damage to buildings and can be deadly to citizens, especially during the aftershocks.

What is a dead volcano called?

An extinct volcano is “dead” — it hasn’t erupted in the past 10,000 years and is not expected to ever erupt again. … For example, if a volcano’s eruptive history shows that it usually erupts every 10,000 years or so, and there hasn’t been an eruption for a million years, it may be called extinct.

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