When did Gold Canyon candles go out of business?

Is Gold Canyon candles going to reopen?

Gold Canyon has shut its doors and is no longer in business. We are all so sad about this news! It was an abrupt announcement with no warning. The candles were the best quality and will be hard to compare.

What happened to Gold Canyon Candle Company?

Our Gold Canyon Vault journey began in March of 2020 when after 22 years, Gold Canyon abruptly closed their doors. … After the closure of Gold Canyon Candles, we were the successful bidders of several large auction lots containing the majority of the remaining candles that were at Gold Canyon warehouse.

Is Gold Canyon Az a city?

Gold Canyon is an unincorporated city located in Pinal County Arizona.

Where are Gold Canyon Candles manufactured?

Gold Canyon Candles Popular Choices

The handmade candles are made in the United States and are made with a proprietary cool wax blend.

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