When can you use a camera skydiving?

Can I take pictures while skydiving?

The USPA states that a skydiver should have 200 jumps before using any kind of device that can record or take pictures during a skydive. As skydivers, we need to focus on our gear, and it’s already a lot of stuff to think about.

How many skydives before I can wear a camera?

Sorry no, the BPA rules do not allow anyone to wear any camera equipment, either on the skydivers helmet or anywhere else, until you have undertaken 200 skydives.

Can you bring your phone when skydiving?

You can take as many pictures as you want on the ground before and after your jump. However, you may not bring a camera, phone, GoPro, Selfie Stick, etc. for your skydive. There is too much risk associated with you bringing your own; it’s best left to the pros.

Can you hold a GoPro while skydiving?

We all want to capture memories and keep them with crystal clarity in a digital format that can last a lifetime. So we know bringing your GoPro on a tandem skydive may seem like a great idea, but rest assured – it’s not.

Can you record yourself skydiving?

No, unfortunately not. If choosing handcam, your instructor will wear the camera on his/her hand and only be able to capture you. … It’s also a safety requirement, as we have to have adequate distance between our tandem skydivers, which makes it impossible for the camera person to film more than one at a time.

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Can I take my own camera skydiving?

Here’s the simple truth: Even if you could bring a camera on a tandem skydive, you shouldn’t. Allow yourself, just this once, to live in the moment–and relive it in your tandem skydiving instructor’s video footage after-the-fact!

Which GoPro is best for skydiving?

The GoPro hero 7 is more than good enough for skydiving, and the hypersmooth is remarkable. If you’re going for the 8 it would be because you want it to be even more stable and the 100mbit rate.