What should I wear on a skateboard on a hot day?

What clothes should you wear when skateboarding?

The best clothes for skateboarding are comfortable, breathable and provide a wide range of motion. Clothes with added durability are also a plus, because you will inevitably spend some time on the ground. Save yourself some cash by skating in clothes that are built for skateboarding.

What should a beginner skater wear?


As pants provide some sort of additional coverage for your shins, it is preferred while trying tre-flips down those stairs. Shorts on the other hand go well for bowl or vert skating as you would feel more flexibility and knee pads can be easily worn to ensure protection.

Why do skaters cuff their pants?

while the classic skaters way of wearing any pants that may be a little to long, just letting them bunch up, does provide the added security of having that tiny bit of fabric between your ankle and the board but does seem to lack that sense of free range the an exposed sock has on the mind.

Can you wear Dickies if you don’t skate?

Cargo pants or Dickies may be the obvious choice, but chinos are a great (and more wearable) take. Since you’re probably not actually headed to the skate bowl, you can get away with lighter tones like stone and beige.

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Can I wear jeans to skateboard?

Yeah! You don’t have to wear jeans wherever you go, it’s just recommended when you’re skating because if you fall, you’ll tear your pants before you tear your skin.

What should you not do when skateboarding?

Choose a Safe Environment

  1. Avoid skateboarding on irregular surfaces. …
  2. Do not use homemade skateboard ramps.
  3. Never use your skateboard in wet weather.
  4. Avoid skateboarding in crowded walkways or in darkness.
  5. Never hold onto the side or rear of a moving vehicle while riding a skateboard (“skitching”).

Is it OK to sit on your skateboard?

Don’t sit or stand near obstacles people are actively using. Don’t lurk, go there to skate not sit and watch all day. Don’t go out of turn repetitively, once or twice no one will care but if it becomes habitual it’s frowned upon.

Can you wear leggings to skateboard?

If you are learning how to skate, however, you might want to wear some kneepads in case you fall. Leggings are easy to move in, but they tear easily too. If you are just learning how to skate, you might want to hold off on the leggings to avoid ruining a nice pair.