What do you wear to go longboarding?

Do I need skate shoes to longboard?

Whether you are just starting out, or have been carving the streets for years, having great longboarding shoes is essential to obtaining the control and support you need. Before purchasing, consider your riding style, how you brake, and the types of longboarding tricks you perform.

Should you wear a helmet when longboarding?

Wearing a helmet is a personal choice, and you shouldn’t be harassed by others for not wearing one if you don’t want to. You only really need a helmet when freeriding, downhilling, or bowl riding, the rest is optional.

What equipment is needed for longboarding?


  • TSG Pass Full Face Helmet Matte Black + Bonus Visor. …
  • Triple 8 3-Pack – Knee – Elbow – Wristbrace. …
  • Triple 8 Sweatsaver Helmet Black. …
  • Landyachtz Billy Bones Slide Gloves. …
  • TSG Evolution Helmet Satin Black. …
  • Triple 8 Gotham Helmet Gun Metal. …
  • Triple 8 Gotham Helmet with MIPS White.

Are Converse good for longboarding?

We can’t have a list of the best longboarding shoes without including the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox. These are one of the original boarding shoes and never stop being cool — they’re timeless. This shoe is a straightforward, rugged sneaker that’s designed to take a ton of wear and tear and still hold up.

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Do shoes matter for longboarding?

Any good flexy, flat bottom shoe is fine for longboarding. For trick skating, you want to ensure you have SB shoes from the company you buy from, as they won’t wear through as fast.

Are longboards safer than skateboards?

BOSTON — People who skateboard using a type of board called a longboard may be at greater risk for severe injuries than those who use regular skateboards, a new study suggests.

Is it safe to ride a skateboard without a helmet?

Although a great form of exercise, riding a bike, in-line skating, or skateboarding without protective gear can be dangerous. Next to motor vehicle-related injuries, bicycles injure more children than any other consumer product, according to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign.

What do longboarders wear on their hands?

Next to a helmet, slide gloves are the most important item to have if you want to start riding aggressively on your longboard. They are protective gloves that have plastic pucks attached, usually by Velcro, to the palm and sometimes fingertips.