What do you know about north western and western mountains of Pakistan highlight its importance for Pakistan?

What do you know about western mountains of Pakistan?

These mountains make the north western boundary of Pakistan. These extended west ward into Afghanistan. The average height of these mountains is 3600 meters. Tirich Mir is the highest peak in this mountain having a height of 7690 meters.

What is the difference between northern and western mountains of Pakistan?

The Northern Mountains of Pakistan include Karakoram, the Himalayas, and Hindu Kush. … The Western Mountains include the Sulaiman Range, the Waziristan Hills, Koh-i-sufaid, the Mountains of Swat and Chital, and the Kirthar Hills. There are many springs and limestone ridges.

What do you know about northern mountain ranges in Pakistan?

The three world famous mountain ranges, The Himalayas (means the “Home of Snow”), The Karakoram and The Hindu Kush (means the “Killer of Hindus”) meet just at the northern region of Pakistan.

What is the importance of western and north western mountain ranges to Pakistan?

The northern mountain barrier influences the precipitation pattern in Pakistan by intercepting monsoon (rain-bearing) winds from the south. Melting snow and glacial meltwater from the mountains also feed the rivers, including the Indus, which emerge from the east-west-aligned ranges to flow southward.

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What are the drainage features of the western mountains?

Answer: Drainage of Northern and North Western Mountains: Drainage of Northern and North Western Mountains Fast flowing rivers Rapids/ water falls Khunjrab River – flows south along the Karakoram Highway from the Khunjrab Valley and is known as the Nagar River , Hunza River south of Sust .

What are the relief features of the western mountains of Pakistan?

Alluvial material: material brought by river. Alluvial terrace or bar: central high area of doab which has mature type of soil (fine loamy). … Alluvial fans: are found along foot of Kirthar Mountains in Sindh. …

Which mineral is mostly found in northern and western mountains of Pakistan?

Pakistan has the world’s largest reserves of chromite and this natural resource is found in Muslim Bagh, Chaghi, Kharan, Malakand and North Waziristan.

What are the drainage features of the northern mountains of Pakistan?


  • drainage pattern for northern mountain (indus) River indus starts it’s journey from Mansrowar lake.
  • ( Eastern tributaries) Originate from Himalayas.
  • safed koh. Vale of peshawar drained by river kabul and swat.
  • Waziristan hills.
  • kirthar.
  • balochistan plateau.
  • potwar plateau and salt range.
  • upper indus plain.