What are long skateboards good for?

Are long skateboards good for beginners?

Transporting from A to B then a cruiser or longboard is a great option. If you are taller than 130cm any regular deck between 7.50 and 8.50″ wide is a good place to start, and you’ll get used to whatever is under your feet pretty quickly.

Is a longer skateboard easier to ride?

A wider or longer board does something similar. It is more forgiving if you lean back, forward, or to either side. As a beginner, you will probably find this to be easier than a small skateboard or penny board.

Should I get a longer or shorter skateboard?

Larger skateboarders and those skating ramps and vert ramps should go with a wider deck, and street skaters usually need a smaller deck. Skateboard length is the distance from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.

Do skateboarders hate longboarders?

There’s definitely animosity between some skateboarders towards those who ride longboards or cruisers. Some longboarders dislike skateboarders too. Skateboarding is definitely more technical though, and longboarders who don’t respect the skateboard are straight-up delusional.

Are pintails good for beginners?

A pintail can be a nice first longboard for a beginner – assuming it’s a good quality one like the Landyachtz Chief. Being topmount , pintails are responsive and pleasant to carve on, and generally nice and smooth riding at lower speeds.

Which board is best for beginners?

Mini Cruisers are a perfect starter set up for young beginners looking to get to grips with riding a board and perfecting their balance. A 6” plastic deck will suit kids 5 years or younger with a shoe size of around 3 or smaller.

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