Question: What size lake do you need for water skiing?

How big of a boat do you need to water ski?

Boat owners often recommend 90 HP on a 16′ boat as the minimum for serious slalom skiing and wakeboarding on a fully loaded boat. 115 HP will generally be comfortable, while 75 HP may barely be enough.

What is a good size lake for boating?

As a general rule, if you have a big boat and you are looking to cover some ground fast, you want more than 1000 acres of water. If you use your boat for waterskiing/tubing and just general tooling around you want to be on a lake that is at least 100 acres but preferrably over 300.

Will a 50 HP pontoon pull a tube?

Can you pull a tube with a 50 hp motor? The 50HP will definitely be enough to pull the kids on a tube. Tube speeds don’t have to be excessive, and since they float, it doesn’t take much power to get them gliding across the water.

Can you ski behind a 75 hp motor?

A 75 hp motor will pull skiers no problem. The main thing would to have a second prop at least 2 pitchs lower to help give you more power to pull them up.

What is a good depth for a lake?

Depth should vary from 3 to 12 feet, with an average of 6 to 8 feet. Less than 3 feet of water allows sunlight to reach the bottom of the lake, thus promoting aquatic weed growth, which will limit fish size. In the South, 12 feet of water will protect fish during the winter months.

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What is considered a small lake?

Lakes have aphotic zones, which are deep areas of water that receive no sunlight, preventing plants from growing. In general, ponds have smaller waves than lakes. Waves smaller than 12 inches in height would generally be considered small.

Are water skis one size fits all?

Length of Ski & Skiers Weight – Standard adult sized skis are 67 to 68 inches long, 5 to 8 inches wide. This size ski will basically work for any adult size skier. Recently ski manufactures have add more length and width combinations to better suit the individual skier’s size.

How tall should a slalom ski be?

Higher towing speeds are generally associated with smaller skis and/or slalom skis, while lower towing speeds usually require two skis that are longer, wider, or both. See the chart below. Under 100lb.

Slalom Ski Size Chart.

Weight 135-160lb.
Boat Speed 30-34mph 63″-66″
34-36mph 63″-66″