Question: How do you buy a skateboard helmet?

How do I choose a skate helmet?

A skateboard helmet should fit snugly all around, with no spaces between the foam or padding and the skateboarder’s head. Ask your child or teen how the helmet feels on their head. While it needs to have a snug fit, a helmet that is too tight can cause headaches.

Are all skateboard helmets the same?

The answer is yes. As a result, most skate helmets today are dual-certified and conform to the CPSC standard. ​Common sense says to choose the greater protection, even if it means having to replace the helmet more often. ​Look for CPSC certification sticker or online specification for skate helmets.

What size Protec helmet should I get?

ProTec Helmets Size Chart

Helmet Sizing Head Circumference (CM) Head Circumference (IN)
Small 54 – 56 21.3 – 22.0
Medium 56 – 58 22.0 – 22.8
Large 58 – 60 22.8 – 23.6
X-Large 60 – 62 23.6 – 24.4

What pads do pro skaters use?

Top 10 Best Skateboard Knee Pads

  1. 187 Killer Fly Knee Pads. Best Overall. …
  2. 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads. Best Premium. …
  3. JBM International Skateboard Knee Pads. Best Value. …
  4. Triple Eight KP 22 Longboarding Knee Pads. …
  5. Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads. …
  6. PHZ 3-in-1 Protective Gear Set. …
  7. Triple Eight Covert Knee Pads. …
  8. Triple Eight Street Knee Pads.
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Are elbow pads necessary for skateboarding?

Skateboarders who do not wear protective equipment.

Every skateboarder should wear standard safety gear. This includes a helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads and appropriate shoes. Skateboarders who perform tricks should use heavy duty gear.

How do I look cool on a skateboard helmet?

Actually, I think you’re probably looking at this from the wrong angle. The way to make a helmet look cool is to put it on your head. Be silly, wear a pink Hello Kitty helmet! Just do it.

Is Triple 8 a good helmet brand?

The Triple 8 Gotham is one of the best looking helmets on the market. Triple 8 made sure to create something slick, stylish, that would have a long-lasting impact – I’ve gotten loads of compliments since I started wearing mine. The helmet meets all the relevant regulations (both the US CPSC and ASTM F1492).

Should I wear a helmet skateboarding?

It should be mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a skateboard. “Head injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in these types of crashes. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of death or injury and reduce the severity of the injury in the event of a crash” (John Hopkins Medicine).

Is a bike helmet OK for skateboarding?

Although all bike helmets are suitable for biking, you can use a bike helmet for skateboarding only if it also meets the ASTM F1492 standard. These dual-certified helmets offer more protection to wearers than helmets certified to only one standard.

Is a bike helmet OK for rollerblading?

Are there helmets that I can wear for more than one activity? … For example, you can wear a CPSC-compliant bicycle helmet while bicycling, recreational in-line skating or roller skating, or riding a kick scooter.

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Can a bike helmet be used for horseback riding?

The results? Bike helmets are not designed to protect your head when you’re horseback riding! The height of a fall from a horse is far greater than the height of a fall from a bicycle. Bicycle helmets are not designed to withstand impact from the height of a horse.