Question: Do you need life jackets on a raft?

Are life jackets required on rafts?

Life jackets are required

Regardless of the weather, if you are a strong swimmer, or in slow-moving, shallow water, you are required to wear a lifejacket or personal flotation device when using watercraft such as kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, dinghies, inner tubes and rafts.

Do you need a life jacket in an inflatable boat?

It is now legal to have inflatable PFDs on board. In order for them to meet the lifejacket requirement, they must be worn if you are in an open boat. On other boats, they must be worn while on deck or in the cockpit and they must be readily available for anyone down below.

How old do you have to be to not wear a lifejacket in AZ?

Children aged 12 and younger are required to wear lifejackets according to Arizona law, but it’s recommended that ALL individuals on the water wear lifejackets.

What boat can you not wear an inflatable PFD?

Inflatable PFDs are not approved for persons who are: less than 16 years of age. operating or riding on PWCs. engaging in white-water paddling.

Do adults have to wear life jackets on boats?

State laws vary, but federal rules require that children younger than 13 on moving boats wear life jackets that fit. … For adults, the law requires only that boats be equipped with enough life jackets for everyone on board.

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What age can a child stop wearing a life jacket?

All children 12 years of age and younger must wear a USCG approved Type I, II, III life jacket while underway on any vessel, being towed behind a vessel, or on a personal watercraft. Exceptions: None.