Is the Spyder Fenix A good paintball gun?

Is the Spyder Fenix full auto?

No. There are no paint ball markers that are “full auto”. However many can be configured to fire multiple balls per trigger pull or ramp to auto depending on how many times you pull/press the trigger in a given time frame. On semi auto, my son is able to fire about 5-10 paint balls a second with his Fenix.

Is the Spyder Fenix electronic?

The only electric gun for the Twenty Twelve Kingman lineup is the Spyder Fenix. … The stock aluminum clamping feed neck on the Spyder Fenix will securely hold your loader in place and keep it from falling off or moving around during games.

Can the Spyder Fenix use compressed air?

The Fenix marker is capable of firing at an exceptional 25bps (balls per second) and has 3 firing modes to choose from! The anti-chop eye system prevents unnecessary ball-breaks and the marker (although electronic) works with both co2 and compressed air.

Is the Azodin Blitz 3 Electric?

Azodin Blitz III Electronic Paintball Marker – Green/Silver.

How do you charge a Spyder Fenix?

Spyder 9.6volt Battery (EU) optional accessory To charge a Spyder 9.6 NiMH battery, the circuit board must be in the OFF position. Spyder batteries (JE1015) are not fully charged when purchased. Using the supplied A/C Charger (JE1025), plug the charger into the charger port located at the rear of the Trigger Frame.

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Can a Spyder Victor use compressed air?

Spyder Victor Features All Aluminum Body, Top Cocking Bolt, Tool-Free Striker Plug Design, 10 inch Micro Ported Barrel No-Slip Rubber Grip Panel Two Finger Trigger External Velocity Adjuster Steel Braided Hose Line Inline Bottom-line ASA Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air.

How much is a bag of paintballs?

Paintballs generally range from $15 – $30 per 500 round bag, and $50-75 per 2000 round case. Some of the things that affect paintball price are as follows: Shell quality: paintballs need to be round to fly straight. A more expensive paintball has greater perfection and consistency.

Does Angel still make paintball guns?

The Angel is one of the first electropneumatic paintball markers. It was manufactured by Angel Paintball Sports (originally WDP) starting in 1997 and was introduced alongside Smart Parts’ original Shocker.

Angel (paintball gun)

Retail price $1,195 USD on release; currently $895 USD