Is Table Mountain the highest in South Africa?

What makes Table Mountain so special?

The national park’s most unique feature is its fynbos vegetation that is displayed here better than anywhere in the world. The Cape Floral region of the national park is one of the richest floral regions in the world. Over 70% of the flowers are endemic to the Table Mountain.

Who died on Table Mountain?

Update: 11:32 a.m. Monday, April 5, 2021 – Authorities have identified the woman who died at Table Mountain Saturday. Brenda Thomas, 73, from Gridley, died after falling into the water at Hollow Falls near Table Top Dr. and Cherokee Rd. at Table Mountain over the weekend, according to the Butte County Coroner’s Office.

Who is the owner of Table Mountain?

Riaan Vorster – Owner – Hike Table Mountain | LinkedIn.

Does it snow in South Africa?

Snow is a rare occurrence, with snowfall having been experienced in May 1956, August 1962, June 1964, September 1981, August 2006 (light), on 27 June 2007, accumulating up to 10 centimetres (3.9 in) in the southern suburbs, and most recently on 7 August 2012.

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