Is Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee worth it?

Is Blue Mountain blend coffee good?

Cameron’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend is one of our highest rated and most frequently reviewed coffees. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are known for their exclusive, top quality coffee beans. This blend combines the rich, complex flavors of those Jamaican beans with sweet, nutty South American coffees.

Who owns Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica?

Mark McIntosh is the CEO and Vice Chairman of the Specialty Coffee Investments Company, a producer of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with a portfolio of brands that includes Wallenford, Mavis Bank and Jablum and a list of customers such as Harrods and Starbucks Reserve.

Does Starbucks use kopi luwak?

Is kopi luwak available at Starbucks? It has long been rumored kopi luwak coffee is available in some Starbucks stores. Certainly Starbucks bought kopi luwak for tastings within the company, however it has never been sold in a Starbucks shop.

What coffee is similar to Blue Mountain?

Some other alternatives similar in flavor to Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are: New guinea Arona coffee. Tanna coffee. Catimor arabica coffee.

Is Blue Mountain coffee cheaper in Jamaica?

There is limited space on the Blue Mountains in Jamaica where it is grown and added to that, it takes about ten months to harvest which makes its supply very low. While its delicious taste puts this coffee in high demand, a limited supply makes it much more expensive than other coffee brands.

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Is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Organic?

Although Jamaican coffee is not in the main certified as organic, nevertheless, a very discretionary and circumspect use of fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides is the rule.