Is bungee jumping illegal in Australia?

Can you bungee jump in Australia?

Australia’s one and only Bungy!

And take the giant leap into the heart of the rainforest. Teetering 50 metres above a deep natural lagoon, the AJ Hackett Bungy Jump is the most epic experience. And with 16 jump styles unique to Skypark, there’s a jump for everyone.

How many people have died bungee jumping in Australia?

Bungee jumping statistics assume 1 fatality for every 500,000 jumps. Over the last 20 years, there have been 23 bungee jumping related deaths, which equates to around 1.15 deaths per year.

Can you bungee jump in Sydney?

There’s no bungee jumping locations anywhere near Sydney. There’s plenty of opportunities for adventure sports one hour west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains: abseiling, canyoning, base jumping, paragliding & rock climbing.

Is bungee jumping legal in NSW?

He noted bungee jumping was not currently legal in NSW, but hoped the state would adopt a new Australian Standard used in six states and New Zealand.

How much does it cost to bungee jump in Australia?

Bungee experiences and packages compared

Experience Price (from) Number of jumps
Biggest day out combo $359 Unlimited jumps
Reef/bungee combo $334 1 jump
ATV/bungee combo $295 1 jump
Skydive/bungee combo $462 1 jump
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Can a bungee cord break?

Even with normal use, bungee cords will eventually stretch permanently, fray, or break as exposure to sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures can accelerate a cord’s deterioration.

Is a bungee jump safe?

How safe is bungee jumping? Andy Ridell, UK Bungee Club’s technical director, tells Newsbeat that European safety standards are “very good”. “I would say that your car journey to the actual bungee jump event is far, far more dangerous.”

How old do you have to be to bungee jump in Australia?

**Bungy** Minimum jump age 10 years old. Minimum jump weight 45kg (if you are over 35kg you may be able to do a tandem jump). Under 18’s require written parental consent.

Why is bungee jumping banned?

—-SYDNEY, Australia The activity known as bungee-jumping was banned Wednesday after two people were injured when one of the cords attached to their feet broke free, leaving them dangling with their heads just above water.

Where can you bungee jump in Sydney?

Where is the closest Bungee jumping center to Sydney? The closest Bungee jumping center to Sydney is at Haymarket and is 0.8 miles away.