Is 7 50 a good skateboard size?

Is 7.8 A good size skateboard?

Everyone skates different and prefers different setups based on their style and caliber of skating.

Skateboard Deck Size Chart.

Deck Width (in) Suggested Truck Axle Width (in)
7.6 – 8.0 7.75 / 7.8
7.75 – 8.25 8.0
7.875 – 8.375 8.125
8.0 – 8.5 8.25

Is 7.5 skateboard small?

Mini decks are the best skateboards for beginners who are 6-8 years old, between 3’5” and 4’4” tall who wear size 4-6 shoes. … 7.5″ to 8″ – Standard deck size for most riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks with a shoe size of 11 or less.

Is 7.75 deck too small?

Decks range anywhere from the very skinny 7.5 inches, all the way up to yacht-size 9-inch decks. In today’s skate culture most people skate an 8-inch deck. Typically you will find that a smaller deck like 7.5 or 7.75-inch deck is easier to flip, rotate and get technical on.

How big is a 7.0 skateboard?

Sizing Chart

Height Range Estimated Age Deck Width
Under 3’4” 5 y.o and below 6.5”- 6.75”
3’5” – 4’4” 6-7 y.o 7.0”
4’5” – 5’2” 8-12 y.o. 7.3”
5’3” – 5’6” 13-14 y.o. 7.5”-7.6”

Is 31 inch skateboard too big?

Length. Most decks are between 30 and 31 inches long, so if you’re looking for a standard deck, anything in this region is fine. If you’re looking for a board for a child, you’ll need a deck about 28 or 29 inches long – certain board brands offer smaller child-sized models.

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What size skateboard does Tony Hawk Ride?

Among the legends of the discipline, Tony Hawk rides surprisingly thin decks nowadays at only 8.5”, but he used to have 9.0” pro decks released in the past.

Is 8.25 A good deck size?

That being said the ideal skate deck size can be dependent on a few factors… namely your foot size and your method of skateboarding. … Any skateboard between 7.75″ and 8.25″ is a great all-around option for a wide variety of skating styles.