How tight should a slackline be?

How long should a beginner slackline be?

The absolute minimum slackline length that is generally usable is 16′ (5m). Any shorter and the amplitude will be too high and your legs will shake uncontrollably as you’re climbing on the line. The slackline also won’t be able to move and adjust as it needs to.

How does this person maintain his balance on the slackline?

Slacklining requires you to maintain your balance on an unstable surface while continuously shifting your weight and center of gravity based on the line’s movement, your body’s position, and environmental factors like the wind.

Can I leave my slackline outside?

We do not recommend leaving your GIBBON slackline set up when not in use, as it will reduce the perfomance of the webbing over time, and can have adverse effects on any fixpoints (e.g. trees). … Please check if the ratchet was set up correctly and if the webbing is blocking the natural movement of the ratchet lever.

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