How many states are located in the northern mountains?

How many states are there in northern mountains?

The Himalayan North region comprises the two states and two union territories of India situated at the northernmost Himalayan mountain: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Uttarakhand.

Which states are located in the northern mountains?

Ans-Assam,Manipur,Tripura,Nagaland,Meghalaya and Mizoram are the states that are covered by purvanchal ranges. 6.

Which state lies in the northern mountains?

The states of North East India where the northern mountains lie are as follows: Explanation: The Himalayan North region comprises the four northernmost Himalayan mountain states of India: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Uttarakhand.

How are the northern mountains important to us?

It is the most prominent source for Glacial rivers – enough rainfall and vast snow-fields in these mountains are the source of perennial rivers. The melting of the snow provides enough water during the season. … Effective Barriers – The northern mountains have always acted as an efficient barrier for the enemy.

What is the climate of northern mountain?

It has a cold desert climate. It is a region of barren, arid, frigid and wind-blown wastelands. Areas south of the Himalayas are largely protected from cold winter winds coming from the interior of Asia.

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What is the importance of northern mountains of Pakistan?

The northern mountain barrier influences the precipitation pattern in Pakistan by intercepting monsoon (rain-bearing) winds from the south. Melting snow and glacial meltwater from the mountains also feed the rivers, including the Indus, which emerge from the east-west-aligned ranges to flow southward.

What kind of crops are grown in the northern mountains?

These crops – amaranth, buckwheat, naked barley, proso millet, foxtail millet, finger millet, common bean, and high altitude rice – have the potential to be critical to the continued food security of these mountain communities.

What is the height of Northern mountains?

The average height of these mountains range from 3700 m to 4500 m and their average width is 50 km. These mountains are covered with snow only during winter. In summer, they have cool and pleasant climate. They are popular for hill stations like Shimla, Mussoorie, Kullu, Manali, Dehradun, Darjeeling, etc.

What is the main occupation of people living in northern mountains and why?

Answer: People living on mountains do agriculture as well as rearing of animals, though on a small scale. This is because they need both the agricultural produce as well as milk and meat from animals for subsistence. Excess of produce is usually traded.

Why northern mountains are called Himalayas?

The name “Himalaya” means “the abode or house of snow” in Sanskrit (i.e. hima “snow”, and ālaya “abode or house”). The Himalayas are the highest and longest of all young fold mountains of the world. The Pamir, known as the roof of the world, connects the Himalayas with the high ranges of Central Asia.

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