How does bungee jumping work for kids?

How does a bungee jump work?

The basic process of bungee jumping is fairly obvious. The jumper, attached to a cord, jumps off something. They then free fall, until the cord becomes tight, at which point they spring back slightly and bounce around before coming to a swaying ‘standstill’.

What is bungee jumping for kids?

In bungee jumping participants leap headfirst from bridges, cranes, or hot air balloons with only a long, nylon-encased, latex rubber bungee cord (which acts like a rubber band) anchored to their ankles or to a body harness to break their falls.

How do bungee jumpers get down?

Instead, in most bungee jumps, after the multiple “stretching-and-contracting” cycles, the jumper would be gently lowered–by extending the bungee cord–onto a cushion on the ground (if they were jumping off a crane), or lowered onto a boat (if they were jumping in a valley with a river in it).

Can your eyes fall out when you bungee jump?

After you free fall, the bungee cord tugs you back upward with a sudden and great force. The combination of this extreme force and dangling from a cord can cause varying degrees of injuries your eyes, spine and neck that can even be severe enough to result in death.

Is bungee jumping bad for your body?

Bungee jumping is, however, undeniably responsible for a range of serious medical complaints, including musculoskeletal pain in the neck and back, headaches, dizziness and blurred vision1.

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Can a bungee cord break?

Even with normal use, bungee cords will eventually stretch permanently, fray, or break as exposure to sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures can accelerate a cord’s deterioration.