How do you use parkour in a sentence?

Is parkour a real word?

Parkour is a twenty-first century word that has its roots in the military. Parkour is a sport or discipline that involves rapidly negotiating an urban area by climbing, jumping or vaulting over obstacles without pause. … Practitioners use no equipment, other than light running shoes.

What is the verb of parkour?

verb transitive, intransitive To freerun ; to use parkour (to move over).

What is the importance of parkour?

Increased bone strength

Parkour movements help develop density in bones. Throughout Parkour sessions, athletes get to perform different lower body and upper body low med and high impact movements. High movements required in parkour training are needed in boosting general body fitness.

Is doing parkour illegal?

9: Parkour

Parkour itself is not illegal, but if you practice on private property, you can get cited, fined, or even arrested for trespassing. … It can be a high-risk activity, which is why in some situations a traceur — someone who does parkour — can end up in legal trouble.

Who is the best parkour in the world?

World Cup Ranking List 2018

Men Speed
Rk Athlete Total (Best 2)
1 LEON GOMEZ Pedro 90
2 HARMAT Christian 55
2 DUBOIS Valentin 55

What does Parcour mean in English?

(ˈpɑːkˌɔː) n. (Gymnastics) the sport or activity of running through urban areas while performing various gymnastic manoeuvres over or on man-made obstacles such as walls and buildings. Also called: free running. [C20: from French parcour, used by the creators of the activity to mean ‘obstacle course’]

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What are some parkour moves?

10 basic parkour moves you can learn to help build strength and confidence

  • The roll. This is what you’ll need to master if you’re going to take up parkour. …
  • Quadrupedal movement. …
  • Balance. …
  • Precision jumping. …
  • Safety vault. …
  • Wall running. …
  • Turn vault. …
  • Jump spin.