How do you get used to motocross boots?

How can I make my motocross boots more comfortable?

While you’re wearing the boots, apply some rubbing alcohol with a dry towel to the heel and bridge of the foot areas on the boot. Continue wearing the boots and don’t wipe off the alcohol. The alcohol should dry rather quickly and will also help to soften the leather and make the boots more comfortable.

Are motocross boots supposed to be tight?

How should boots fit? Boots should fit as tight as possible/comfortable. Large boots should be filled with some thick socks and the buckles should be tightened accordingly. … New motocross boots will stretch so bear that in mind when choosing your size but please note they will only stretch width-wise.

How long do motocross boots last?

In my previous article, I discussed the difference between motorcycle boots and regular boots, and I received some questions from the readers regarding the normal lifespan of the riding boots. It usually lasts about ten years, or when you see plastics starting to disintegrate, and leather starting to flakes.

How can I stretch my motocross boots?

Just soak your socks in water (or even better: in rubbing alcohol) and squeeze them to get rid of any excess water. Then wear your boots with the wet socks and close the zipper. Grab your hairdryer and start heating up the parts that seem to be too tight. This should make the leather softer, which stretches the boots.

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Can you wear motocross boots on a sportbike?

they will be a pain on a sportbike because of the angle you sit vs the position of the footpeg. it might not be that big of a deal though. moto x boots are quite a bit tougher than street boots are.

How much do motocross boots weigh?

Weight: 4.75 pounds (heaviest boot in test). Sizing: Very large. You’ll probably want one size smaller than usual. Buckles: Very good.