How do you get all the hidden achievements in the raft?

How do you get hidden achievements in the raft?

Raft – Hidden Achievements Guide

  1. This goes here! ( Hidden) Break or pick up 100 blocks. …
  2. An Ocean Cemetary! ( Hidden) Die 25 times. …
  3. Exploring the depths! ( Hidden) Reach a depth of 100 meters below the surface. …
  4. Is there a Utopia? ( Hidden) Find the white board in the radio station. …
  5. Not a great landing! ( Hidden)

Can you get achievements in raft creative?

The building achievements are straight forward. … achievement can be done with any size crop plot. The amount of foundations cannot be achieved in Creative Mode, but a viable strategy is to build foundation and then remove them again immediately to regain 50% of the materials used.

What are the raft hidden achievements?

List of Achievements

Name Description
This goes here! Hidden achievement: Break or pick up 100 blocks.
Exploring the depths! Hidden achievement: Reach a depth of 100 meters below the surface.
Not a great landing! Hidden achievement: Discover a crashed plane.
An Ocean Cemetery! Hidden achievement: Die 25 times.

Is there a bottom to the ocean in raft?

The Ocean is the core area of the game, and is the place the player will spend most of their time. … Lastly, the ocean floor technically exists, although it is completely barren and holds no Materials.

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Are there hidden achievements in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, there are a lot of secret achievements that players can earn by completing various tasks during the Inazuma update. These range from something as simple as getting hit by lightning, exploring the world to defeating Azdaha without using a shield.

How do you read raft notes?

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