How do you control speed on a longboard?

What affects longboard speed?

Longboards for speed

When it comes to speed, there are two important characteristics for a longboard : stability and turning abilility. If the board can’t turn you lose more speed in curves, affecting how fast the longboard can go overall. Stability vs speed is a tradeoff.

How do you control speed wobbles on a longboard?

Get low, relax your legs and focus on keeping your upper body over your board and positioned slightly forward. Attack the hill and if your board starts to wobble, stay relaxed and confident. Practice Slowing Down & Stopping!

Are longboards good for speed?

Are Longboards Better for Speed

If you want a faster skating experience, go with a longboard. Generally, longboards are faster than any regular skateboard because they have bigger wheels and a larger wheelbase. When used for cruising, a standard fast longboard can reach up to 6 mph (miles per hour).

Is longboarding faster than walking?

Skateboarding is clearly faster than walking: Our observations at UC Davis found that skateboarders travel between 6 and 13 miles per hour, with an average of 9.7 miles per hour. At two- to four-times the speed of walking, skateboards can extend the range of destinations reachable under human power.

Why is my longboard so slow?

This is an easy one : if your axle nuts are too tight they can keep your wheels from spinning freely. That may be a reason why your longboard feels slow. Loosening the nuts a bit can allow your wheels to spin normally again. … Don’t make them too loose though, or they’ll eventually come off the axle.

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How can I make my longboard more stable?

The easiest option to make your TKP more stable (ie, make your skateboard stable), is to simply tighten down the kingpin nut. Doing this makes the bushings deform and bunch up, and it makes your truck feel more stable.

Is 30 mph fast on a longboard?


This is a respectably quick speed. If you’ve hit 30mph, you should pat yourself on the back. If you’re a DH skater, you can probably hit this speed on most hills with a good longboard tuck.

Are skateboards faster than longboards?

Longboard wheels are faster than skateboard wheels

Without delving too far into the physics of it, bigger wheels will always roll faster than smaller, as larger wheels need fewer turns to cover any given distance. … Longboard wheels are also typically softer, which offers more grip.