How do I start a paintball business?

How much money do you have to pay to play paintball?

If you decide to play on a professional course, you must be prepared to pay for the privilege. Field fees vary considerably from location to location, but typical prices are in the $10-$25 range.

How much does paintball field insurance cost?

Cost Of General Liability Insurance

The average paintball arena in America spends between $400-$1,100 per year for $1 million in general liability coverage.

Is paintball an expensive hobby?

Paintball is upwards of one of the more expensive right behind the miniatures and Gunpla. Bowling is comparable if you take into account all the money I have in equipment, about $800, but the weekly cost of league is way below the cost of paintball.

How much does 2000 paintballs cost?

Paintballs generally range from $15 – $30 per 500 round bag, and $50-75 per 2000 round case. Some of the things that affect paintball price are as follows: Shell quality: paintballs need to be round to fly straight. A more expensive paintball has greater perfection and consistency.

What equipment is needed for paintball?

Paintball is an equipment-intensive sport and in order to safely conduct a game, every player requires a marker with propellant to fire the paint, a mask to protect the eyes and face, paintballs, and a loader to hold them. To ensure safety off the playing field, a barrel sock or plug for the marker is also compulsory.

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How much does a paintball gun cost?

The Dangerous Power paintball guns start under $300 and are built to the sames standards as many of the $1000+ paintball guns. Dangerous Power paintball guns are available in either a spool valve or double stacked tube design.

How much does a paintball mask cost?

Starting at only $29.95, you can get a great quality paintball mask without breaking the bank. Sly Paintball Masks – Sly Paintball masks are some of the newest released in a while.