Frequent question: Which of the following is growing mainly on mountain slopes?

What is grow on the mountain slopes?

Tea crops are grown on mountain slopes.

Which of the following is grown mainly on the slopes of Nilgiri Hills?

The topography of this district is rolling and steep. About 60% of the cultivable land falls under the slope ranging from 10 to 33%. Nilgiris, being basically a Horticultural District and the crops grown are potato, cabbage, carrot, garlic, beans, paddy, ginger, tea, coffee, pepper, orange and cut flowers.

Why do mountain regions have limited means of livelihood?

Answer: because the mountain regions have less oxygen. shortage of the food. … so , mountain regions have limited means of livelihood.

What is the other name of Nilgiri Hills?

Nilgiri (English: Blue Mountains) is the name given to a range of mountains spread across the borders among the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. The Nilgiri Hills are part of a larger mountain chain known as the Western Ghats.

Nilgiris district

Why it is called Nilgiri Hills?

The Nilgiris, because of its natural charm and pleasant climate, was a place of Special attraction for the Europeans. … The Name ‘Nilgiris’ means Blue hills (Neelam – Blue and giri – Hill or Mountain) the first mention of this name has been found in the Silappadikaram.

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Which city is called Queen of Nilgiri Hills?

One such place is Ooty which is located in Southern part of India in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is a hill station and is situated in the beautiful Western Ghats.

What is slope of mountain?

A slope is the side of a mountain, hill, or valley. … A slope is a surface that is at an angle, so that one end is higher than the other.