Frequent question: Can you run a fan cooled snowmobile in the summer?

How warm can you run a fan cooled snowmobile?

Jet down a size for warm temps. Air is less dense and you need less fuel when air temps are above freezing. Especially on the Fan cooled sleds. I’ve run 440 cat fan cooled sleds up to 45 deg F (7 deg C) with no problems by jetting down one size.

Do fan cooled snowmobiles overheat?

A series of fans near the engine blow cool air its way so the engine doesn’t overheat. One benefit of fan cooling is it’s usually more maintenance-free compared to using coolant… usually. Any of those fans can stop working, and when they do, the cool air the engine receives may be insufficient to prevent overheating.

How warm is too warm for a liquid cooled snowmobile?

fan cooled sleds dont run well above 30 degrees. Liquid cooled run fine. Just make sure your riding on snow and not ice packed roads or you can melt the hyfax – but you can do that in cold weather too.

Do fan cooled sleds overheat?

A liquid cooled machine will remain cool, using the loose snow/slush being thrown around inside the tunnel for cooling, but a fan cooled sled can over heat due to the higher air temps and large load on the engine from trying to power through the slush.”

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What temp is too hot for a snowmobile?

600 is normally 10-15f lower than the 800-850. The 4 strokes seem to run pretty consistent at 170-180 in most snow conditions. I think the above is a good answer. Ideally a two stroke sled runs under 140F, and that leaves room above this temp to still run safely.

Can you run an air cooled snowmobile engine in the summer?

The motor will run warmer than it’s used to, and you’ll have to change the jetting all around to compensate for the higher temps, but you won’t destroy the motor.

Do snowmobiles need snow to cool?

Re: keeping Liquid cooled snowmobile cool on ice.

Liquid cooled sleds don’t Have a radiator like a car. Its actually called a heat exchanger and. it. needs snow to come into contact to cool.

What’s better fan or liquid cooled snowmobile?

The only advantage a fan cooled sled has over a liquid is they don’t overheat in low/no snow conditions. In every other aspect a liquid cooled sled is far superior to fan cooled sled. – Ability to thaw out your goggles/shields on the nice warm air blowing out.

Are fan cooled sleds good?

Fan-cooled snowmobiles are sometimes overlooked as second-class snowmobiles, though that’s hardly fair. Fan-cooled sleds have some definite advantages over their liquid-cooled counterparts, namely with low-maintenance, reliable engines and a lower price.

What snowmobiles are fan cooled?

We recommend Polaris’ Super Sport, the ski-doo’s REV fan-cooled MXZ and the Arctic Cat’s Z 570. While all three have the same engines, each has taken a different path when it comes to suspension and ergonomics. There is an air-cooled twin that displaces about 500cc.

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How do snowmobiles cool down?

Snowmobiles are cooled one of two ways: with a fan system or through coolant, a type of liquid cooling agent. Both are great ways to prevent your sled from overheating, but if that happens, you can’t ignore the issue.