Do I need a snowmobile trailer?

Do you need a trailer for a snowmobile?

Whether you can walk out the door and hit the trails, or you have to travel for hours to find snow, everyone with a snowmobile really needs a good trailer to haul the sled. Even if you are lucky enough to have a good trail right next to your house, sooner or later you’re going to want to travel.

How big of a trailer do I need for a snowmobile?

What Size Trailer Do I Need for My Snowmobile?

Trailer Sizes No. of Snowmobiles
7 ft. x 22 ft. (80.5 in. x 264 in.) – ENCLOSED 4
7 ft. x 24 ft. (80.5 in. x 288 in.) – ENCLOSED 4
8 ft. x 16 ft. (93 in. x 189 in.) – ENCLOSED 2-3 (depending on the model)
8 ft. x 18 ft. (93 in. x 213 in.) – ENCLOSED 3

What is a snowmobile trailer?

Hybrid snowmobile trailers are a special type of aerodynamic snowmobile trailer that comes with a fold-down ramp door. This makes it easy to load and unload your snowmobiles and other gear. This ease of use is one of the main reasons behind their popularity.

Will a snowmobile fit on a 5×8 trailer?

Registered. I’ve hauled sleds thousands of miles on a 5×8 utility trailer, no problem. Now I haul them on an 8 foot sled deck, and they hang off the back a couple of feet, makes for easier unloading when you don’t have reverse.

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Will a snowmobile fit in a short bed truck?

Well-known member. It will be fine…. I haul my 163″ Pro in my 2006 Tundra crew with a 6’2″ box. You WILL want a solution other than resting it one the tailgate, because it WILL bend on that truck.

How much weight can a 2 place snowmobile trailer hold?

My Blizzard dual-axle four-place snowmobile trailer has a GVWR of 7,000lbs (two axles at 3,500lbs each) and a dry weight of 2,500lbs, fully equipped with options. That leaves a 4,500lb payload capacity, which is more than enough.

Loaded Trailer: 5350
Trailer Max GVWR 7000
Dangerous Overload (pounds) 2043

Can you fit 2 snowmobiles in a 7×14 trailer?

Absolutely no problem whatsoever, you can fit 2 full length Summits in a 7×14 trailer like that with room to spare.

Will a side by side fit on a snowmobile trailer?

New enclosed trailers are measured outside width, not inside. To get them to EASILY fit side x side you would be best with an 8′ or better yet 8.5′. If your hauling 4 sleds regularly a 7′ inline works just fine, and gives you the room to squeeze in a 5th if needed.

How do I protect my snowmobile from an open trailer?

Active member. I put saran wrap on the front of the sled under the cover on longer trips. Keeps the sleds really clean, and prevents the cover from chaffing the sled.