Can you white water raft in Yellowstone National Park?

Can you raft in Yellowstone National Park?

Rafting through Yellowstone National Park gives you a better chance to view the area’s wildlife, including bison, river otter, elk, bald eagles and small rodents. … When planning a raft trip in Yellowstone, you can bring your own float or take a guided trip.

Do you need a permit to float the Yellowstone?

Additionally, all watercraft, includ- ing float tubes, must obtain a Yellowstone National Park Boat Permit. Motorized boat permits and non- motorized boat permits (including float tubes) are available in a 7-day denomina- tion or as an annual permit. Contact the Backcountry Office for current pricing.

How much does it cost to go rafting at Yellowstone?

Price: $105 for Adults and $85 for Children

at the Northern Boundary of Yellowstone National Park. The whitewater trip will take you through 18 miles of beautiful scenery including views of Yellowstone, The Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains, Yankee Jim Canyon and Paradise Valley.

Do you need a permit to float the Snake River?

A permit is required to float the Wild and Scenic Snake River at any time of the year. … During the secondary season (September 11 through the Thursday before Memorial Day), a self-issue permit is available at major launch sites on the river.

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How much does it cost to float the Snake River?

How much does a float trip cost? Our Snake River scenic float trips cost $82 for adults and $62 for youth.

How long would it take to float the entire Snake River?

16 Mile Continuous Scenic Float and Whitewater Combo

Approximately 4 to 5* hours round trip from Jackson. This is a true combo trip with continuous 8 miles of scenic and 8 miles of whitewater.