Can you kayak under Hammersmith Bridge?

Why can’t boats go under Hammersmith Bridge?

Boats will also not be allowed to pass under the bridge either until further notice. Transport for London then put out a statement saying: … ‘This is because engineers working on behalf of Hammersmith & Fulham Council and TfL have discovered further damage to the north-eastern pedestal of Hammersmith Bridge.

What is the problem with Hammersmith Bridge?

The 134-year-old suspension bridge, which links Hammersmith with Barnes across the Thames, has been closed to motor vehicles since April 2019, then shut to all traffic in August 2020, owing to damage caused by 70 years of unchecked corrosion.

How much does it cost to repair a Hammersmith Bridge?

It will cost £46m to stabilise it, which will make it safe for pedestrians, cyclists and river traffic. It will cost £141m to fully restore the bridge so it can be reopened to buses and motor vehicles – a similar amount to building a new bridge. A quicker option could cost up to £163m.

Can river traffic go under Hammersmith Bridge?

The bridge is open to pedestrians, cyclists and river traffic. Hammersmith Bridge is closed to motor traffic.

Are boats allowed under Hammersmith Bridge?

The bridge has been closed indefinitely to motorists since April 2019 when “critical faults” in the cast-iron casing were found. From Saturday, boats will also be allowed to pass under the bridge again.

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What are the plans for Hammersmith Bridge?

H&F Council has plans to build a temporary double-decker crossing within the existing structure of Hammersmith Bridge. A new raised truss structure would be built above the existing road deck, featuring a lower level for pedestrians and cyclists and an upper level for cars and buses.

Why is Hammersmith Bridge Green?

DESCRIPTION: Hammersmith Bridge is an elaborate suspension bridge that is 250.5m long and 13.1m wide carrying an 8.2m wide carriageway formed from wrought-iron girders. … The bridge is painted dark green and gold, the colour scheme that Bazalgette originally intended as seen on the original plans.