Best answer: Why are mountains thinly populated and plains densely populated?

Why mountains are thinly populated as compared to plains?

Explanation: The mountains are thinly populated because of harsh climate. The slopes are steep and soil is lack. Plains are more thickly populated than deserts.

Why are plains thickly populated and mountains are thinly populated?

Also, the available land is generally fertile. Hence, plains are the most useful areas for human habitation as well as for cultivation. … Also, mountains offer very little land for farming. For these reasons, mountains are thinly populated.

Why are plains densely populated?

Plains are thickly populated because the soils are very fertile and fertile soils provide a good place for cultivating crops. Also, the plains are surrounded by rivers and rivers are quite, quite useful. The transportation is also easy in plains. – Fertile soil highly reproductive for cultivation.

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Why mountains are thinly populated and how they are useful to man?

Mountains are generally thinly populated regions because the climate is harsh there. Farming is also not easily possible there. But mountains provide us water. They have a rich variety of flora and fauna.

Why are the mountains thinly populated write any four reasons?

(g) Mountains are thinly populated because : The climate is harsh at the mountain areas. Slopes are steep at the mountains and that reduces the land available for farming.

Why are mountains thinly populated explain?

The mountains arc thinly populated because of harsh climate. The slopes are steep and soil is lack. These conditions are not favourable for agriculture. So, the mountains are thinly populated.

Why are mountains thinly populated give three reasons?

The climate is generally harsh at the mountain areas because of the extreme coldness. There are various slopes and they are steep in the mountains which reduces the land available for farming. … Mountains are thinly populated because of the climatic conditions and less accessibility to things in general.

Why are mountains not suitable for living?

Despite their formidable and awe inspiring physicality, these are some of the most fragile habitats on the planet. Harsh climates, thin soils and steep gradient make it so very hard for plants and animals to live here.

Which is the most thinly populated landform?

Why are mountains thinly populated? Answer: Life is difficult in mountain areas because of rugged terrain. Hence, mountain areas are sparsely populated.


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Mountain Plateau
Mountain’s elevation is in several thousand meters. Plateau’s elevation is between several hundred and several thousand meters.

Why do people live in the plains?

People live on plain because plain has been formed by the inter play of the river along with their tributaries. This plain is formed alluvial soils it is very fertile soil cover combined with adequate water supply and favourable climate it is agriculturally a very productive part of India.

Why it is easy to live in plains?

Plains are more comfortable for agriculture, transport. Mountains are hilly terrain which makes difficult for people to settle there. … People prefer plains because it is easy for them to settle with available of better transportation (road, rail, and air) and a fair climate with no heavy rainfalls as mountains.

Why are plains more densely populated as compared to hilly regions?

Plains are more thickly populated than deserts or mountains because Plains are formed by rivers deposits and thus they are fertile and fit for agriculture. … The climate is also suitable in the plains compared to the extreme climatic conditions in other places.

Which of the following regions are thinly populated?

Also, areas which offer little opportunities for employment are also sparsely populated. Some of the more sparsely populated regions of the world are found in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, the Arctic Circle, the Sahara, the Himalayan region of Asia, Iceland, Northwest Africa, the Outback of Australia, and Mongolia.

Why are plains densely populated 6?

Pains the most densely populated areas of the world because these are fertile land where various crops can be cultivated. Apart from being fertile, plains are flat lands where means of transport can be easily built. It is also easier to build houses, roads and lay railway lines on flat plains.

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Which region of the Earth is thickly populated?

Answer: Tropical region is the most thickly populated area on earth.