Best answer: How are mountains and plateaus alike both are raised areas?

What is the difference between block mountain and plateau?

Block Mountains are created when large areas are broken and displaced vertically. The uplifted blocks are termed as horsts. Plateaus are flat lands that are raised from plains. They have peaks.

What is the difference between mountain and plains?

Plains are flatlands. … Plains can either be the result of no seismic activity between tectonic plates or a leveling of the land by glacial activity. Mountains are elevated lands with sharp variations in altitude. Mountains are usually formed by interactions between tectonic plates or volcanic activity.

What is the difference between Hill and plateau?

Hills and plateau are different relief features found on the surface of the earth. Though both are elevated landforms, hills are higher and steeper than plateaus. Plateaus are suddenly elevated but flat land pieces in themselves. Hills are gentler than mountains and have rounder peaks than mountains also.

Why is life hard in mountain and plateau region?

(g) Life is very difficult in mountain areas because of harsh climate. It is quite difficult to grow crops, build houses or roads in a mountain. Hence, people do not prefer to live here.

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What is the difference between Deccan Plateau and Malwa plateau?

MALWA PLATEAU : 1)Deccan plateau is part of the Peninsular part of india. … 2)Deccan plateau is a very large platea which is situated in South western part of the india. Malwa plateau this platea region is situated in the central Western part of the india.

What are two land forming processes?

There are two processes which lead to formation of different landforms. These processes are; internal process and external process.

What are examples of plains?

List of famous plains:

  • Australian Plains, Australia.
  • Canterbury Plains, New Zealand.
  • Gangetic Plains of India, Bangladesh, North India,Nepal.
  • Great Plains, United States.
  • Indus Valley Plain, Pakistan.
  • Kantō Plain, Japan.
  • Nullarbor Plain, Australia.
  • Khuzestan Plain, Iran.

What are the examples of block mountain?

Complete answer: The Great African Rift Valley (valley floor is graben), The Rhine Valley (graben) in Germany, the Vosges mountain in France, the Sierra Nevada in the USA and the Harz mountains in Germany are considered as some examples of block mountains.

How is life in the plains?

The life at plains is very crowded, large number of people live in the form of colonies and they have ease in terms of mobility. Good infrastructure is available for them. … There life is not as easy as it is on plains. They are safe from the diseases of low lands such as malaria and sleeping sickness.